Q&A with Harry Phillips

Author: Harry Phillips - UX Analyst

Date: 8 November 2022

What did you do before The Wonder Agency?

I have always wanted to pursue Graphic Design and Digital Marketing. After I finished high school in 2021 I went to Leeds City College and studied graphic design level 3 and learned many creative skills and multiple software other than Adobe such as Figma and Final Cut Pro. Towards the end of the easter holidays, I was thinking about enrolling for my second year at college to achieve my extended diploma.

However, I was looking on Indeed for a part-time job while I was at college and saw some apprenticeships there, I looked for some digital marketing ones and saw a company called Estio was looking for a lot of employees. I had a virtual interview with Estio training, and soon after I was put in contact with the Wonder Agency where I had an in-person interview and received the amazing news the following day!

What do you do for The Wonder Agency?

I am a Marketing Assistant meaning I create social media content for The Wonder Agency and some of our amazing clients. As well as this I help out our developers Sam and Jacob with images and prototypes for website designs, I also create wireframes to help them create a website that is impactful and that our client is happy with.

While doing the design areas for our clients from website wireframes, social media posts to branding, I also do some analytics such as the weekly checks and keep our clients updated with how they are performing from week to week.

I am not sure how but I have been designated the office DJ role- It must be my awesome taste in music!

What are the most challenging and rewarding parts of your role?

The most rewarding is being able to create amazing results for our clients and creating a design that is then implemented in their company, when I see it makes me feel proud as I created it…

The most challenging part is definitely learning new elements such as HTML and CSS and learning all about the data and analytics side… I really enjoy new tasks but the first few times are very challenging.

What advice would I give to others starting out?

Turn on your “I CAN DO THIS” mindset as yes things will get tricky and it might take you longer than it should but learn from your mistakes and next time when you come to do the same task you will fly through it. I also recommend taking the Google Analytics course as it really helped me get an understanding of GA4 and helped me use it on a more detailed level.

What do you get up to outside of work?

What don’t I do outside of work? I have many hobbies and interests… Magic is one of them. I perform close-up magic at weddings, corporate events, and any other event you can think of, doing: cards, impromptu, rope, and much more! As well as this I love filmmaking and editing as well as photography. I get out as much as I can with my camera bag packed with my: camera, gimbals and drones to push my limits of creativity and capture astonishing moments. Finally, I occasionally snowboard which I really enjoy, I don’t do any fancy tricks or flips! But I find it calming and therapeutic.

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