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Why I love… Coding Non-developers and programmers often don’t understand why developers enjoy sitting with their heads in a black terminal screen (because we love dark mode) typing out a bunch of weird symbols for hours on end, hoping to not have to interact with anyone else.  Well, I imagine the reasons are probably different for each developer, but […] Read More How To Set Up Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Ecommerce Purchase Tracking in Shopify Shopify has some built in features to help you set up tracking on your ecommerce site with Google Analytics. However, it doesn’t currently support GA4 which was released in October 2020 and has since become the default experience in the platform. Why Use GA4? GA4 is a big change on the previous Universal Analytics (UA), […] Read More Optimise Your Shopify Product Page With This 7 Step On-Page SEO Checklist A couple of months ago, I spilled the beans on all things technical SEO with a super handy checklist for Shopify stores... Read More 4 Top Tips For Migrating To Google Workspace From GoDaddy Office 365 Earlier this year at The Wonder Agency we decided to migrate all of our Office 365 services provided by GoDaddy into Google Workspace... Read More Q&A With Olivia Murphy When you ask kids what they want to do when they grow up, they might say footballer, actress or even prime minister... Read More Boost Your Organic Shopify Rankings With This Technical SEO Checklist Sick of Shopify's hidden quirks affecting your site's SEO? Take a look at our handy technical tips that'll give your rankings a boost. Read More I tried the paid versions of the top 4 social media scheduling tools so you don’t have to! Do you love social media management, but hate faffing and wasting time? Read More Q&A With Sam Kirkbride I didn't realise it at the time, but my first experience of coding was on MySpace... Read More Q&A With Steve Lee I studied Computer Animation at university, which always surprises a lot of people... Read More Q&A With Amy Williamson I’m Director at The Wonder Agency, alongside Steve. With us being a small agency... Read More This Is Us We thought we best introduce ourselves, we’re The Wonder Agency. Read More
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