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Someone inputting a discount code into a checkout page on Shopify Upgrading From checkout.liquid to Checkout Extensibility on Shopify Plus If you’re a Shopify merchant and run your own online store, then you’ll understand how important the checkout process is. This is the last step in the customer journey and the last chance to convince customers to convert and make a purchase. It’s important therefore to optimise the checkout page as much as is possibly […] Read More A red card on a table saying Merry Christmas surrounded by glitter baubles. Christmas Content Marketing Tips For Small Businesses ‘Tis to the season to be busy! We know that’s not how the song goes, but for those in marketing, that’s exactly how the Christmas season feels. But whilst these next couple of months may be busy, they’re also an exciting and fun time, allowing us to spread our creative wings and bring some holiday […] Read More The Google search homepage on a Samsung tablet. What are Google’s E-E-A-T Guidelines? If you work in the digital marketing sphere then you may have come across the acronym E-E-A-T before and thought, what does that mean? Don’t worry, I had the same thought, but after familiarising myself with Google’s guidelines for assessing and ranking quality content, it all made sense. We all know that one of the […] Read More Threads logo Threads – Yet Another Social Media Platform The release of Threads has had people across the world saying the same thing: another social media platform? But what actually is Threads and is it something we should be signing up for? What is Threads? Part of the Meta family, Threads is a new app built by Instagram for sharing text updates, images and […] Read More Why I love… Coding Non-developers and programmers often don’t understand why developers enjoy sitting with their heads in a black terminal screen (because we love dark mode) typing out a bunch of weird symbols for hours on end, hoping to not have to interact with anyone else.  Well, I imagine the reasons are probably different for each developer, but […] Read More 4 Top Tips For Migrating To Google Workspace From GoDaddy Office 365 Earlier this year at The Wonder Agency we decided to migrate all of our Office 365 services provided by GoDaddy into Google Workspace... Read More I tried the paid versions of the top 4 social media scheduling tools so you don’t have to! Do you love social media management, but hate faffing and wasting time? Read More
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