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They all said we were crazy for setting up a business during a global pandemic. We said, “probably”. But here we are today. Still coming up with ideas and solutions. Still enjoying a life full of Wonder.

This Is Us

We’re a no-nonsense, sleeves rolled up digital agency based in Leeds.

Wonder might only be a young agency but we have years of experience between us - which we try put to good use! We do this through providing our clients with expertise in digital marketing, website development and data analytics.

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Steven Lee


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Amy Williamson


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Sam Kirkbride

Tech Director

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Lauren Halligan

Senior Marketing Communications Executive

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Harry Phillips

UX Analyst

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Jacob Gardner-Shortall

Junior Developer

Stuff we care about

To create wonder we have to have passion. Everyone is passionate about something and we’re a passionate lot here at The Wonder Agency - whether it’s data analytics or beer!
We don’t do bulls*t. We only give our clients ideas that are right for their business and vision. We want to create a business where good people come to do good work. That’s when good agencies become great.
No really, we are a family. We might argue from time to time and not always agree but sometimes that’s when the best ideas are created. In this family nobody gets left behind, we’re always striving to achieve and we need to make sure we work as a team to do this - we can’t all know everything!

Want to be a part of a wonderful team?

Work Life Balance
Birthdays off and 30 days holiday. It’s important to have enough time with your family and friends, if 2020 has taught us anything it’s that we all need to take care of ourselves and spend as much time with others as possible. But don’t worry we’re a pretty alright bunch to be around whilst you are at work.
Equal Voice
Everyone at Wonder has their say. No matter who you are or what experience you have, it’s important to us that your opinion is heard.
Okay we’ve not been able to have one yet (it’s not our fault, blame Covid-19) but we intend to have them regularly when we’re allowed. Until then you’ll have to deal with our Friday afternoon beer/gin Zoom’s.
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