Apps to Upgrade Your Shopify Plus Site

Author: Harry Phillips - UX Analyst

Date: 10 January 2024

Shopify Plus is an enhanced version of the well-known Shopify ecommerce platform, tailored for larger businesses and high volume merchants. This premium option offers more features than the standard Shopify does, including sophisticated customisation options, increased API capabilities, and unique apps designed for intricate operations. It's a perfect match for major brands like Gymshark and KKW Beauty, who utilise it to manage international sales, automate workflows, and upscale their businesses effectively. It’s distinguished by its capacity to handle thousands of transactions per minute and its dedicated support.

For those leveraging Shopify Plus, luckily, there are countless free apps available that can transform your checkout pages from mundane to magnificent. Here's a rundown of some free and paid apps that can give your Shopify Plus checkout pages an impressive upgrade.


This app is a game-changer for online stores using Shopify Plus. It sends quick messages directly to customers, which means they get your updates fast. This is great for catching their attention as no matter where they are on their browser, they will receive a notification. However, it only works if customers agree to receive these messages. It can get customers more interested in your business and your products and remind them about things they wanted to buy but didn't finish purchasing.


Route focuses on making things better for customers after they've bought something. It lets them see where their order is in real time and offers extra protection for their purchases. This might add a little to the delivery costs for customers, and it relies on good delivery services depending on which class they choose at checkout. They can easily track their orders, which helps them trust and feel good about the brand they’re buying from.


Influencer marketing has reshaped the digital landscape. This strategy is vital for its unique ability to leverage the trust and reach of influencers, creating authentic connections with audiences that traditional advertising struggles to achieve. 

This app is all about helping businesses work with social media accounts. It has a big list of influencers, which makes it easier to manage these partnerships. The success of Aspire depends a lot on choosing the right influencers, and it can be quite expensive. They can also track how well these are doing in helping to sell their items.

Shopify Plus offers a fantastic platform, but it's the custom touches that really make your store shine. These free apps provide a great starting point for enhancing your checkout pages, making them not just a pit stop but a highlight of the customer journey.

Remember, the checkout experience is your last chance to leave a lasting impression – make it count! With these tools at your disposal, your Shopify Plus store is well on its way to delivering a checkout experience that's as smooth as it can be!Ever wondered how to boost your online shop or make the switch to Shopify Plus without a hitch? That's where the Wonder Agency comes in! We're your trusty sidekick in either migrating to Shopify Plus or giving your current store a makeover. Our team is all about making things easy and effective for you. Get in touch today to start your Shopify journey.

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