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Author: Amy Williamson - Director

Date: 11 January 2021

We thought we best introduce ourselves, we’re The Wonder Agency. We set up in 2019 and have been busy working away on some really exciting projects that we forgot to let you know we’re here! We’ve had a bit of a crazy year (as has everyone else) but we’ve overcome all challenges and still had some fun along the way.

So, a bit about us...

We’re a no-nonsense, sleeves rolled up digital agency based in Leeds. We’re not reinventing the wheel, we simply do great work and come up with wonderful solutions to solve real business challenges. Our aim is to build a highly experienced team of professionals to provide businesses with a competitive edge in digital. We do this through providing our clients with expertise in digital marketing, website development and data analytics. We combine these skills to create solutions that drive rapid growth for our clients.

Who are the people behind The Wonder Agency...

Steve Lee set up the company back in September 2019 after leaving his previous job as Head of Data at Home Agency. He’s worked on global digital marketing campaigns and specialises in data analytics.

"We believe developing digital competence is the key to success. Now more than ever, businesses need to utilise technology to either better serve their customers or gain a competitive advantage in the market. We create digital solutions that drive growth and future-proof our clients." - Steve

After six months of hard work and a growing client base it was clear this wasn’t a one person job, so partner Amy Williamson left her Account Manager role, also at Home, to join Wonder - just as the pandemic hit (great timing). Having managed marketing channels for leading flights and hotel providers, Amy brings a unique perspective to Wonder. She brings experience working on national television and radio ads, digital media campaigns and web developments.

"Building a new business is hard enough, let alone in a global pandemic. We like to believe that now we’ve got through 2020 we can get through anything. We are excited to be able to offer integrated digital strategies that truly consider all channels. From advice on navigating this complex activity to ensuring brand consistency." - Amy

Picture of Amy & Steve, The Wonder Agency directors

What we’ve been upto...

In our first year, we’ve worked on some amazing clients, from startups to household names, and we’re only just getting started. Our focus has been getting to know and understand each of our clients, this has really helped us to improve our relationship with them and also dramatically increase their turnover (even whilst the country has been in a financial crisis).

Looking ahead...

We’ll be making some exciting announcements next year but our goal is to double our turnover and introduce more people to the business. Our hard work over the past year has led us to win five new projects which we’re getting started on and will be able to tell you more about in 2021 - so watch this space.

If you’re looking to kick-off a digital project then get in touch with Steve and Amy at

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